15mm Late Carthaginian Elephant

I’ve recently acquired a second elephant for my Later Carthaginian DBA army. This model is from the oop 15mm Corvus Belli range.

JFO Miniature Painting


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II/56 Early Imperial Roman for DBA

Another army for my 15mm DBA collection, an Early Imperial Roman army. I managed to find these superb miniatures from Corvus Belli, which are not in production any more.

JFO Miniature Painting


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15mm WWII Soviets for skirmish games

I have started collecting and painting a Soviet force for some WWII skirmish games, such as Battlegroup, Chain of Command or Disposable Heroes. The miniatures are a mix of Battlefront, Peter Pig and Skytrex figures.

JFO Miniature Painting


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Landsknecht musketeers

I think I’m getting old. Despite I still paint and collect armies in 15mm, I am enjoying more and more painting and collecting armies in 28mm. Here are the three first bases for a Spanish army of the Italian Wars. The miniatures are from Warlord Miniatures.

JFO Miniature Painting

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DBA II/32 Later Carthaginian

A new DBA army for my collection, a Later Carthaginian army from Corvus Belli. It’s almost impossible to find these miniatures nowadays, so I’m glad to have one army built with these superb figures.

JFO Miniature Painting

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Imperial War Wagon

After two months without updating my blog, I’ve finally found the time to finish this Imperial War Wagon for Oldhammer. I really like this model from Citadel Miniatures.

JFO Miniature Painting

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Going on vacation

I’m going on vacation for the next weeks. I have some painting works on the tabe that I will complete when I’m back:

– Finnish army for FoW
– Late Achaemenid persian army for DBA
– Imperial army for Oldhammer
– A force for playing Battlegroup rules.

See you soon!!

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